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Single Los Angelese United States

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Los Angelese · United States
I am says of nature like my constellation. I am more balanced a quiet one,romantic. I can claim of myself that i am a tender, attentive loving but caution

Looks aren't 100% important however there has to be physical attraction. I'd like to find somebody with a great smile and has the ability to make me laugh. Education or money isn't important to me, with that being said I'm not looking for someone with the IQ of a 3 yr old or someone living in a car. I'm not the smartest woman, money comes and goes. I want someone who is loyal and respectful. I need someone who will push me to be everything I can be. Someone who will push me to enjoy every second of my life. I want someone in my life who makes me want to leave work early and go to work late. Someone I look forward to hearing from all day long

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