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Chris Kuot
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Male (@chriskuot)
Lives in: Changchun City · China
Originally from: Sudan
Age: 25 years old (Aquarius)
Height: 175cm / 5 ft 8 ins
Interested in: Women

Pitch: "am single n i want to get someone i can marry..i have never had kids but i want to have them in future when i get that special person in my life.."
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About Me:
i like watching movies,playing football,basketball,n volleyball..i also like listening to music ..i love playing with kids because they happy and entertained..i also like playing computer games especially football games and racing
What i search:
pretty girl with medium size..she must be honest,polite n most of all caring..i want a woman who will love me with all her heart as i do.a woman who always understand me and a woman who will always be there for me
Family Situation:
am single n i want to get someone i can marry..i have never had kids but i want to have them in future when i get that special person in my life..
i want to be accomplish my goal n make alot of money for my future wife n take care of my children..i want to be able to help poor people when financially i become stable..i want my kids to have a good life n good life..
Job, Studies, Education:
am now in china studying petroleum engineering in China university of petroleum beijing..i was working in my country south sudan before i resume my studies in china..i did my primary level in kenya then secondary level in uganda..i finish my senior four in 2016, in standard secondary school n i was the best..all in all i have always been excellent in my studies china
What you don't want:
i dont want a woman who drink,smoke n doesnt listen to me..i dont like corrupted people especially in the government..i want to depend on what my hand do.i dont like talking about other peoples life because it doesnt concern me
Travel & Experiences:
i have lived in kenya,uganda and now am in i have learn to be social in life make more friends where ever i go.i have experience so.many languages n cultures
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