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Female (@VolutoVelvet)
Lives in: London · United Kingdom
Originally from: South Africa
Age: 29 years old (Virgo)
Height: 168cm / 5 ft 6 ins
Interested in: Men

Pitch: "Sassy Saucy Single Goddess,never married, not one bun has been popped from this oven 😋 haha "
Profile Id: #9154
Profile Verified: no
Profile Views: 23
Current Location: no

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About Me:
bubbly,funny, down to earth, love Italian cuisine (dolce 😘👌)
gym rat, yoga enthusiast, avid bookworm, linguist lover, optimist at heart, i basically turn lemons into lemonade for a living.🤭haha

What i search:
Looking for a confident understanding guy,with a great sense of humour, honest, I appreciate honesty that comes from a good place as long as its conveyed in a respectful manner.

A guy that deeply craves and desires a triple drippin decadent melanin picky brat like me 😋 ( oh I see you over there looking and smiling at my confidence and sass 🤭 haha) yes you 😉

If you are one of those guys that dreams of having kids one day,im not for you.
If you are not into black women ,im not for you.😒
and lastly if you dont know what you want,just know that i dont want you 🤭 haha
I dont want any Baby Mama drama 😒, in other words if you have a kid or kids, now is your golden moment to shoo away 😉

oh brownie points if you are a sapiosexual like me 😉
Family Situation:
Sassy Saucy Single Goddess,never married, not one bun has been popped from this oven 😋 haha
never tell people your dreams 😉 as a wise philosopher once said, forgot his name though 🙄🤔
Job, Studies, Education:
Self employed
What you don't want:
Rude,cocky guys, with kids ,but the worst is guys that lie about the number of kids they have 😒 really? (you are a kid yourself if you deny or lie about the kids you have 😉 food for thought)
guys pretending to be rich 🤦‍♀️
immature guys
religious AF guys / God fearing type 😒
judgemental AF😤
disrespect 😒
arrogence, pompous and hauty toffee nosed guys 😒
Travel & Experiences:
im a global citizen, with many paths to discover and unravel
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