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Mike Mawira
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Male (@MikeMawira)
Lives in: Nairobi · Kenya
Originally from: Afghanistan
Age: 20 years old (Aries)
Height: 160cm / 5 ft 2 ins
Interested in: Women

Pitch: "I do not have any kids. I am not married. I do not want to have kids."
Profile Id: #9608
Profile Verified: no
Profile Views: 6
Current Location: yes

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About Me:
Playing hard and working hard, is my style. Aaaaah, talking of playing hard, let's party all night and show me your wild side.
What i search:
I am looking for a bae who is visually appealing and has a character.
Family Situation:
I do not have any kids.
I am not married.
I do not want to have kids.
I would like to f**k the best girls, find a casual affair with girls and drive the high end cars.
Job, Studies, Education:
I am currently, a student at university. I pursue Bachelor of Science Mathematics And Computer Science.
What you don't want:
I hate people who judge others, Nosy people and people who create a big deal out of everything.
Travel & Experiences:
I have lived in Kenya. I am still in Kenya. I have just travelled locally. I meet with people who really boost my ego and my confidence as a man.
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